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Donna / Patient

Dr. Reed Lerman discusses what brough Donna to his office and the customized tremtment plan that reduced her pain.


Jim / Patient

Jim Suffered from severe and chronic back pain. After multipule epidural injections, the pain was still there. He felt his last optioin would be surgery...until he met with Dr. Reed Lerman. After undergoing treatments with non surgical spinal decompression, Jim is out of pain and doing the things he loves most.

Actual Patient / Patient

This patient was in severe pain for the past 17 years and had tried surgery, pain managment, and pain killers to help deal with her chronic pain. After her very first tretment...she felt an improvment. AFter finishing her treatments with spinal decompression she is pain free and looking forward to the rest of her pain free!

Walking was a problem-back pain is a miserable all over feeling. Now I can go out to shop, visit casinos without taking pain medication. Try Spinal Decompression therapy and see for yourself."
Adelaide K.., Pleasantville, NJ

"Back pain was limiting my overall activity. I could not participate in activities such as sports, home maintenance and exercising. My quality of life has improved 100-fold. Do not delay in participating in the treatment process."
Frank T., Galloway, NJ

"I could not move due to severe sciatica pain down my left leg. I couldn't sit or lay down very long. I was always in tears. I would wake up most of the night and cry in pain. I endured shots of cortisone and that didn't help either. The quality of my life has improved 100%. Dr. Lerman gave me my hope and dreams back again. Very gentle treatment (no pain) and very great results in a short time. I would recommend this to anyone suffering with bulging discs. This really works."
Terri S., Egg Harbor Twp., NJ

"I could not bowl without pain and had trouble walking. It is better to do this than have surgery."
June C., Cape May, NJ

"I was afraid I'd fall because my leg would give out. I am able to stand and walk further. The quality of my life has improved."
Mary Q., Mays Landing, NJ

"I had to take more pain medication to mitigate my level of pain. Now my quality of life has improved because of the reduction of my overall pain. It is much easier to go about my daily routines."

"I feel this has been a very positive experience and a great alternative to back surgery. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone facing back surgery."

Jeff M., Brigantine, NJ

"Before starting treatment I had back surgery for a herniated disc in 1989. In 1999/2000, I fell again and re-injured myself. MRI showed more bulging disc and herniation. I was treated with epidural needles with which I had a severe reaction, needles under x-ray which also showed scar tissue around the surgical site, arthritis of the spine. I was on Duregesic Pain Patch, Oxycontin, etc., which did not give me relief, I became an "RX" pill popper. I was in constant pain 100% of the time. Because of my injury, both of my feet were NUMB. I could not feel pain, I had severe burning and flashing pain down both of my legs and my feet were always on fire! Severe pain in lower back at scar site!"

"From the first day of treatment with Dr. Lerman, May 31, 2001 - 2009, I felt my toes for the first time
in years, then I began to feel my feet, but most important, my pain level started going down from 100% of the time to 40% in only two weeks of treatment! THERE IS NO PAIN DURING TREATMENT 0 AMOUNT!"

"If I could tell you one thing, I am feeling the best I have felt since 1989, 17 years I have lived in severe pain!"


"Please don't spend another day in your pain! There is an answer - "DRX-9000"!
Winifred B., Vineland, NJ

"I was very, very limited. Anything I could do such as sitting, walking, and movement I was in pain. However, after one month of treatment with Dr. Lerman, there is a tremendous change. Please, if you can be seen by this doctor, I'll recommend you to do so. What I liked the most about Dr. Lerman with his system of therapy is that he is there all the time for you, to listen to you and guide you all the time."
Gilbert B., Pleasantville, NJ

My name is Carol and I am ninety (90) years old. I have been suffering from back pain, neck pain, wrist pain and foot pain for many years.

I have been a patient of Dr. Lerman's for the past three months. My relief and movement have improved to the point of living a normal life! Each treatment that I receive gives me improvement and I am enjoying life again, thanks to Dr. Lerman and his hands of gold!
Carol D., Linwood, NJ

Since seeing Dr. Lerman, I feel much better and my wrists feel much better too!.

Ida C., Linwood, NJ

When I came here, I couldn't move my neck up and down and back and forth. I had a lot of pain in my neck. Now I just have a tiny bug on my right side. Now I have no problem driving, or reaching over my head. I can move my neck in all directions and there is almost no pain. I can stoop for hours with no trouble.

Sam D., Egg Harbor City, NJ

I used to wake up in the middle of the night with numb, tingling hands. Since receiving quick, pain free treatments from Dr. Lerman, I can sleep comfortably all night long.

Nicole O., Manahawkin, NJ

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